Activate Secure Connection in the Living App

If you think about security and the Internet, several concepts may come to your mind. One can of them be passwords. Or maybe computer viruses. You may even have looked at that sticker you have covering your computer’s camera. But the truth is that there are many ways to keep your Internet browsing safer.

Activate Secure Connection in the Living App

If you are a Movistar Fiber Fusion customer and have the Smart WiFi Router, you cannot ignore the Secure Connection service. Not only because it is free and because activating it is really simple, but because it will help you navigate the Internet with greater peace of mind.

Secure Connection protects browsing through your Movistar network without the need to install extra applications on your devices. It is very simple to use since it alerts you (as you navigate) of websites that have a certain potential for risk regardless of the device from which you connect. And it also instantly blocks malware and phishing threats. Come on, it works in real-time to help you detect possible threats.

So, if you have not activated Secure Connection yet, we will tell you two ways from which you can do so to enjoy the service instantly.

Activate Secure Connection in the Smart WiFi App for Smartphone

If you want to activate Secure Connection with your Smartphone, all you need is to make sure that you have downloaded the Smart WiFi application on your phone. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it whether you have an Android device or one with iOS as the operating system.

Smart Switch

As you enter the Smart WiFi app for your smartphone, you will see a general map of the devices that you have connected to your Smart WiFi Router. Look at the bottom of the screen, you will see the option of “Devices”, “Profiles”, “My network”, “My account”, and “Cone. Safe”. Click on the latter. You will see a welcome screen where you will get the option to “Activate”.

The Smart WiFi application is a great ally to carry on your phone. It allows you to see which devices have access to your WiFi network, which ones are currently connected, and even pause or block access. It also allows you to change the router password or create a guest network. Also, create profiles with which you can group and manage devices from your mobile. Likewise, you can have control of the schedule of each of the devices connected to the home network. In addition, you can perform a performance test to measure the speed with which the data circulates and the quality of the signal and even optimize your WiFi network if you notice that it is slow.

How to Activate Secure Connection in the Smart WiFi Living App

An alternative way to activate Secure Connection is through your television. As easy as taking your remote control and entering Movistar + from the UHD Decoder or UHD Smart WiFi Decoder. If you doubt if you usually access it from the decoder or from the Smart TV app, take a look at this link.

Smart Home Devices

Once you have accessed it, in the upper left you will find a menu called “Apps” next to the search engine. Press with your remote and browse the Living Apps experience catalog. When you see the Smart WiFi Living App, click on its icon to access it. You will find the main page where you will see different options. At the bottom, you will see “Secure Connection”, press with your remote control. You will get the option to “Activate Secure Connection” for free. You will receive a notification on your mobile phone, in the Mi Movistar App, to confirm the activation. From now on in that section of the Living App, you will be able to see how many threats have been blocked and if your home WiFi network is protected.

In addition to activating Secure Connection, you will be able to check which devices have access to your WiFi network; check the router password by connecting using a QR code; optimize your channel for smoother browsing, reset your router, and get tips on digital well-being. Take a look and enjoy the Smart WiFi experience from your TV too!