Do you remember the walkman? It was an essential part of my childhood. I listened to him while painting, doing crafts, or riding in the car. Some of you younger spent your childhood with the Discman, but regardless of the device we have all grown up with the stories told and thus we have begun to learn about the world, give wings to fantasy, and lose ourselves in distant horizons and countries.


From an early age, stories are part of our education. From bedtime stories to the books they teach us at school. And we always begin to enjoy them by listening, since when we are little we cannot read. This format not only encourages active listening, concentration, and improves speaking skills, but also helps develop creativity.

There is not always someone around to read a story to the little ones in the house, and for this reason, podcasts for children are the walkman of the 21st century. There is a wide range of content in podcast format for all ages without having to change the cassette. If you want to enjoy all the advantages that stories in audio format offer for your children, you are in luck! If you have Movistar Home at home, you can enjoy great stories in podcast format, since the entertainment device has radio and iVoox podcasts integrated.

The most listened to podcasts for children of iVoox

Regardless of whether your children are more of the classics of the Brothers Grimm, they love Disney or modern stories like “El Grúfalo”, we summarize some of the most listened to podcasts on iVoox to enjoy the most beautiful, adventurous, fun and dreamers.

walkman to podcasts

Children’s Stories

Do you remember the name of Aladdin’s genius, what time Cinderella had to come home, or where the hunchback lived? In this podcast, the youngest members of the household will be able, on the one hand, to enjoy life-long stories like “The Three Little Pigs” or “Snow White”, and, on the other hand, the best audiobooks of funny movies like “Bichos” Or “Monsters SA. “. All the episodes are told with different voices and in a fun and entertaining way.

Underlined with classical music, you can choose between short 5-minute stories before bed or longer episodes for a rainy afternoon. It is very nice to remember the stories of our childhood!

Stories for children

Here you will find a great selection of very diverse children’s stories. From the classic tales of a lifetime to stories that were born thanks to the fame of some movies for children. In any case, all these stories want to transmit values ​​and educate the little ones.

Portable CD Player

You can choose between literary works such as “Don Quixote and the windmills”, “The famous rocket” by Oscar Wilde, or musical stories such as “Valentina and the moon”. This podcast is counting with a lot of love and in a very funny way.

Do you want me to tell you a story?

This podcast by Susan Sutherland de la Cruz is hugely popular with listeners. Most of the stories were written by herself, although she also tells classic stories such as “Peter and the Wolf”, she talks about emotions such as fear or bad humor and many, many adventures.

Do not miss the story “The mole who wanted to know who had done that to his head di Lui” that children of any age adore.

Telling Stories: podcasts for children on radio 5

There is not only news on Radio 5 … Every day this Radio 5 podcast tells you a story from Esther de Lorenzo and her team di lei. They welcome you into the kingdom of stories and offer short 5-minute stories for the little ones and also for the older ones. You are sure to love them. Colin Colorado.