Movistar Cloud

Almost no one likes moving. Moving things from one place to another is boring, laborious, and something is always lost along the way. But, sometimes, a movie can serve to put a little order and throw away what we do not need. It is like this in the physical world but also in the digital one. We suggest you change your cloud storage and transfer your photos to Movistar Cloud.

Movistar Cloud

There are many reasons to carry out this move or transfer. To begin with, the service is free if you are a client of Movistar FusiĆ³n and the mobile rate of the contract. You just have to sign up and in a few minutes, you will have unlimited storage at your disposal on all your devices, both smartphones and tablets, and computers as well as on your television. In addition, you can organize your photos and videos, share the content and even edit it.

But before enjoying your unlimited space at Movistar Cloud, it’s time to move. Or what is the same? Export the content that you save in your current cloud storage service and upload it to Movistar Cloud. The process will not take long and you will gain more space and peace of mind knowing that your photos, videos, and other files are safe.

Facebook, Instagram y Dropbox

Let’s start with three of the most popular online services on the Internet. Dropbox is one of the first to offer cloud storage. Its main drawback is that it only supports 2 GB for free. For their part, Facebook and Instagram are two of the social networks with the most users and where practically everyone publishes photos and videos.


As well. Movistar Cloud allows you to synchronize the content that you save and/or publish on Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox. Thus, everything you upload to these three online storage services, you will also see in Movistar Cloud. And so as not to mix the content of each service, you will see an icon differentiating your Instagram photos from those stored in Movistar Cloud.

In addition to synchronizing that content, photos and videos basically, you can copy it to your storage space in the Movistar Cloud. A practical way to pass your photos and videos and move. To make it possible, from the Web or from the Movistar Cloud mobile applications you will have to go to the configuration, then My connections and activate each of the three available online storage services.

WhatsApp, Flickr, and other mobile applications

From Movistar Cloud, in its version for Android or iPhone, you can upload photos and videos that are saved on your phone from well-known applications such as WhatsApp or others. This option is available on Android. On iOS (iPhone), you can only upload content stored in the Photos app.

Transfer Google Photos

From iPhone, you will find this option in the options sidebar, in the Save your content section. On Android, you must go to Settings> Upload. There you will be able to mark and unmark all the folders of applications compatible with Movistar Cloud. From those created by Android to save your photos and videos to those created by apps installed on your phones such as WhatsApp or Flickr.

Other cloud storage services

For any other cloud storage service, the most obvious solution is to download all its content to your computer and then upload it to Movistar Cloud. It will take you more or less time depending on the number and size of the files, documents, photos, or videos.

Some of these services allow you to download content in one go. An example is Google Photos. If you go to your Google account, in this link, you will find this option in Data and personalization. Then we will go to Go to the Google Control Panel, where you will see Photos. Below it will indicate the number of photos and videos stored.

If you click on Photos, a drop-down will open. In the lower right corner, there is a menu. If you click, you will see several options. Among them, Download data. You will get a ZIP file containing all your photos and videos. Then you can decide what to upload and what not to upload your photos to Movistar Cloud.