Tarpon Biosystems is the first company with the expertise and focus necessary to bring the efficiencies of Simulated Moving Bed to Bioprocess. Simulated Moving Bed has long been known for its manufacturing efficiency in well-established industries such as food, petroleum, and small molecule pharmaceuticals where reliable cost-effective separations are often used.

Multicolumn Countercurrent Chromatography

In BioSMB Technology, a bank of much smaller multiple columns in series replace a single, large chromatographic column. All the chromatographic steps normally run in a batch mode are conducted simultaneously in different ‘zones’ when operating in BioSMB mode. When running in this multi-column format, each small column sees the same exact process steps that a batch column would go through multiple times. This is what enables economically viable ‘dispensability – the chromatographic media reaches its full life within a campaign through this rapid cycling.