About US

The efficiencies of upstream processes have increased dramatically over the past decade. Downstream processing or purification has not kept pace with these innovations. Tarpon Biosystems has developed the first-ever BioSMB™ systems to provide flexible, economic, and disposable solutions for downstream processing. BioSMB™ offers a continuous processing solution while maintaining current separation chemistries and buffer systems.

Tarpon Biosystems was formed to uniquely address critical needs in the biopharmaceutical industry to reduce production costs and add the much-needed flexibility in purification operations. Tarpon has identified and combined unique technologies to provide proprietary, disposable-based technology, which enables the use of highly efficient, low-cost industrial purification processes widely employed in other industries. Our technology, called BioSMB™, adapts a proven manufacturing technology for use in the biomanufacturing environment. BioSMBTM systems incorporate disposable components to enable flexible, multi-product biomanufacturing, all at a significantly reduced cost.